Product Information SDS

Safely remove lime deposits without degrading the metal.

Acid Free Descaler for Galvanized Metal
GalVan-Plus is a non-acid cleaner that works as a replacement for traditional
mineral and organic acids. It will not harm zinc coatings of galvanized metals.

Because it does produce C02, GalVan Plus needs to be vented.

GalVan-Plus is designed to safely remove lime deposits or water scale from
cooling towers (basin), water lines and galvanized pipe fittings where stronger,
acid-based descalers would degrade the metal.

How to Use
GalVan Plus is most effectively used by circulating through the equipment that needs cleaning, providing that there is adequate venting for the carbon dioxide created in the cleaning process. One gallon of GalVan-Plus will consume 1.1 pounds of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

Cautions and Warnings

  • Not recommended for Aluminum
  • Is non-hazardous to ship by ground but is hazardous to ship by sea and air
  • Ventilate equipment at all times when cleaning as carbon dioxide gas is created during the cleaning process
  • Store at room temperature below 120°F

Safe and Biodegradable
GalVan Plus is non-toxic, non-acid, and non-hazardous when used as directed. Because it is biodegradable, standard disposal procedures may be followed.