Product Information SDS

Concrete & Mineral Deposit Cleaner

Mortar/Concrete Remover
Morcon-10 is a hydrochloric acid solution designed to penetrate and quickly remove encrusted scale, cement and barnacles.

Marine/Construction-Site Cleaner
Aided by corrosion inhibitors, detergents, wetting agents and degreasing compounds, it effectively loosens and removes deposits from building forms, concrete mixers, brick, propellers, submerged pipe and power plant exchangers.

Apply to Surface, Circulate or Soak
When used as directed, Morcon-10 may be safely brushed, mopped or sprayed on equipment and structural surfaces. It may be circulated through pumps and exchangers. Parts may be soaked.

Non-Compatible Materials
This formula is not recommended for use on aluminum, aluminum alloys, zinc, galvanized surfaces and magnesium alloys. If uncertain, a material sample should be submitted for laboratory testing.

Improperly used, Morcon-10 could result in the discoloration of vehicle paint finishes. To avoid discoloration of painted surfaces, Morcon-10 should be mixed with water at a 4:1 water to solvent ratio.

Safe and Biodegradable
Morcon-10 is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-hazardous when used as directed. Because it is biodegradable, standard disposal procedures may be followed.