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Sublime is the Solution!

Non-distilled industrial water contains mineral salts that bind to metal, especially hot surfaces. These scale deposits, usually calcium and magnesium compounds, are a plague to the operating efficiency of air compressors, heat exchangers, vacuum pumps, boilers, cooling towers and other water-wetted equipment.

This results in billions of dollars in lost revenues due to equipment down time, increased power consumption and Lime scale build-up clogs pipes in heat exchangers, boilers, and other industrial equipment.maintenance costs associated with scale removal.

Sublime provides a quick, safe and simple method for returning scaled processing equipment to full service and top operating efficiency.

Save Money

Sublime descaler offers an instant return on your investment. After all, lime scale is a costly nuisance that reduces production efficiency. Here are production problems caused by scale build-up:

  • Volume – as pipes become restricted, pumping horsepower (and amperage) must be increased in order to maintain production volume.
  • Heat-Transfer – as exchange surfaces become fouled, thermal efficiencies decrease, compromising production.
  • Mechanical Failure – the weight of scale causes bearing failure in rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers.

Mulitple Uses

Sublime descaler is designed for safe, efficient removal of lime deposits and water scale from:

  • Heat exchangers, air compressors, power plant boilers, piping systems and evaporating equipment
  • Water-wetted equipment in refineries, utilities, paper mills, chemical plants, foundries and rubber plants, to name a few.
  • Food processing plants, meat packing plants and breweries. (NSF registered)
  • Sewage disposal plants, water treatment facilities and other municipal water handling operations.
  • Any piece of equipment that is water-cooled.

No Down Time

Because Sublime is such a safe and versatile lime scale remover, descaling maintenance can often be performed without a break in production.

  • No Disassembly- Sublime cleans equipment without expensive disassembly. Eliminates the need for intensive labor.
  • No Interruption -In many applications, you can clean while the system is in operation. Eliminates costly down time.
  • No Hiding – Scale can’t hide from Sublime. Sublime will flush it from small, inaccessible places that cannot otherwise be cleaned. Eliminates concealed scale!

Color Change Says Spent

Sublime comes in a pale yellow color that changes to a deep bluish-purple color when it is spent. There are four important advantages to this color change sequence:

  • You know when the solution is spent and when it should be discarded.
  • You don’t spend time circulating a depleted solution.
  • The color change occurs at a pH of 5.8 to 6.0, well within the safe disposal range specified by most governmental wastewater regulations.
  • If the equipment is clean (and Sublime has not changed color) you can save it and use it again.

Sized to Your Needs

Sublime is available in premium U.S. DOT 34 UN standard approved 30 and 55 gallon reusable drums. It is also available in 1-gallon containers (case of six), 5-gallon polyethylene pails and 330-gallon caged totes.


Easy to use, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable, Sublime exceeds government regulations.

nsfSublime is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-hazardous and biodegradable when used as directed.

Once depleted, Sublime is not listed as a hazardous waste, nor does it possess any of the hazardous characteristics specified in 40 CRF261. Additionally, Sublime has a low basic oxygen demand (B.O.D.).

Sublime is NSF® registered A3 and USDA approved for use as an acid cleaner in all establishments operating under the Federal Meat, Poultry, Shell Egg Grading and Egg Products Inspection Program.

Sublime also meets all the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations given in 173.240 (a) for shipment without hazardous warning. For information regarding shipments by air, please contact Summit.

Additional information on compliance with governmental regulations may be obtained by contacting Summit Industrial Products.

How Does it Work?

Sublime is a water-based solvent enhanced with wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and degreasing compounds. It is designed to penetrate and remove encrusted lime scale, rust, dirt and corrosion by-products from water-wetted internal surfaces of commercial and industrial processing equipment.

Low foaming, Sublime quickly goes to work dissolving scale, while releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) as a harmless byproduct. It’s pleasant citrus-lime fragrance helps mask the unpleasant odors normally associated with dissolving water scale and corrosion.

In the process, Sublime changes from a pale yellow color to a vivid bluish-purple color, a simple, effective visual signal that the solution is spent. This alerts you to check and see if cleaning is complete.

Sublime is most effective when circulated through the equipment to be cleaned. Circulation should be up-flow if at all possible, taking between two to four hours.

Although not recommended, filling the equipment to be cleaned with Sublime and allowing it to sit until scale has dissolved, is a less-effective alternative. This passive cleaning procedure normally takes two to six hours. Circulation is the preferred method.

Since carbon dioxide gas is a byproduct of the descaling process, the cleaning equipment and the equipment being cleaned should be vented at all times. Click here for more detailed cleaning instructions.

Sublime is not recommended for aluminum, certain aluminum alloys, zinc and alloys of magnesium. Try Alimex and/or Sum-Kool instead.